New Sources of Value

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What needs can be met, problems solved or desires fulfilled?

In the old paradigm, the content that created the greatest value for mainstream media centered on the most popular and noncontroversial ideas. For independent media, the value stemmed from alternative ideas. Today, popular and alternative ideas are intertwined. The greatest value comes from how these ideas relate to “my ideas,” a combination of consumers’ growing personal expression, remixing and filtering.

This chapter covers the emerging sources of value that media organizations can capture, including:

  • Progressive Ideas and “My Ideas”
  • Solving Filter Failure
  • A Conversation Economy
  • From Audiences to Communities

To read more, download Vol. 2, Chapter 3 of The Big Thaw.

This blog is an excerpt from The Big Thaw, a guide to the evolution of independent media, written by Tony Deifell of Q Media Labs and produced by The Media Consortium, a network of leading independent media outlets. Learn how your organization can use this report. For more information and recommendations from the study, click here.

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