November Update: Media for the 99%

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Thanks to all of you who came to Oakland for our 2011 annual meeting, Harnessing our Collective Power. In just 18 hours, we harnessed our power, collectively deciding to put our resources into getting out the message of the Occupy movement during the 2012 election year.

Our 2012 campaign, Media for the 99 Percent, will formally launch in January. It is the biggest initiative we’ve ever taken on. We are currently seeking $1 million dollars to create a jumpsquad of reporters to go to Occupy hot spots; a renewal of our campaign cash investigative reporting; citizen-sourced journalism about the lives of the 99 percent; and TV shows to amplify these stories.

We are not just on standby though: we begin our campaign this week with a weekly press briefing between individuals from a number of Occupations and members of the independent press. The first press briefing will take place this Thursday, at 3pm ET. If you have not already received information, email Jo Ellen – – or Erin – –  for info on how to participate.

Essential to our campaign is shining the spotlight on the independent media. We plan to draw attention to the disparity between the handful of corporate media giants that care only about the bottom line, and the mission-driven nature of independent media, the media for the 99 percent. One way we’ll do that is through the PR around our collaborative fundraiser on Feb 15. Be sure to sign up for the fundraiser so you can expand your audience and your budget through this collaborative event.

Much more happened at the annual meeting, including exciting sessions on our upcoming metrics experiment and on responsive web design. Here’s a summary of the sessions (with powerpoints!).

As we move into 2012, we need you to work with us. Subcommittees will be forming for the fundraiser and for the Media for the 99 Percent campaign. I also want to start a “program committee” equal in stature to the membership committee–and that reminds me, we need a few good folks to serve on membership. Contact me or Erin if you want to sign up.

Full steam ahead!

Jo Ellen

Program Update

Here’s a quick overview of our current programs.

  • Campaign Cash II: Outing the Corporations has been really successful, with over 25 in-depth pieces of reporting produced thx to grants from the Wyncote Foundation. The project is reaching its exciting climax with the 2nd anniversary of Citizen’s United on January 21. Keep an eye on the We the People campaign, and send us any relevant stories!
  • Collaborative Fundraiser. Participants in the Revenue Generation Lab have initiated a consortium-wide collaborative fundraiser on February 15, 2012. Sign up now if you want to participate! A timeline and materials will be going out next week to those of you who have signed up.
  • The Public Insight Network collaboration is finishing up at the end of Decembet. This experiment is part of last year’s Community + Journalism Lab. We are seeking ways to extend our relationship with PIN into 2012.
  • Monthly calls and webinars. We are so pleased to announce a weekly or biweekly press briefing with the Occupations. We also will be holding at least one business/technical call or webinar each month–the first one is on postal rate changes and will take place on Thurs, Nov. 17.
  • Social Media Curator. We continue to tweet, facebook, and blog your content via tumblr. Send your stories to social media curator Lindsay Bleyerstein –
  • New Programs. Look for a visual journalism lab to launch this spring, pending funding; we are also in talks now with a partner on creating a Mobile Lab II. More in future newsletters!


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