A member of the New Economy Coalition

The biggest news story right now is one that is not being reported: the emergence of a New Economy that “meets human needs, enhances the quality of life and allows us to live in balance with nature” (Vision Statement: New Economy Coalition). Building on the social venture movement, the environmental movement, and the many movements for racial and economic justice, the New Economy movement envisions a just transition to a better and stronger social, cultural and economic system.

The Media Consortium is supporting reporters in telling that story through the New Economies: A Reporter Training Project. This project is a collaboration with the New Economy Coalition and The Laura Flanders Show and is supported in part by the Park Foundation. 

The Media Consortium is currently accepting applications from journalists from across North America for grant funds to participate in a monthly series of online webinars, organized in conjunction with policy experts and featuring grassroots community leaders, designed to highlight specific elements of the New Economy. These reporters will each produce 6 stories featuring some aspect of the transition to the New Economy.

To apply for the $1000 stipend for your reporter, go here.