For the past 7 years, the Media Consortium has held an annual conference. This year is different. The Media Consortium is sunsetting. Our gathering on June 14, 2018 in Detroit in conjunction with the Allied Media Conference will launch a new organization of independent and community journalism outlets that are eager to partner with culturally specific communities, with social justice movements, and with each other to build a better world. Join us!

We particularly invite:

  • people working at former or current Media Consortium outlets;
  • staff at news outlets serving geographically and culturally specific communities;
  • journalists who see social justice movements as valuable partners, and
  • allies in media policy, philanthropic, educational and social justice work.

To attend, you will have to register twice (sorry).

First, register for the Allied Media Conference by going to
You must register for the Allied Media Conference to attend our gathering.

Second, register for our Network Gathering by going to


That's it!

Want to play a role in launching this new organization? Join one of our committees:

1. Visioning Committee--What will the new mission/vision of this organization be? Contact

2. Outreach Committee--Let's make sure the right people are in the room on June 14! Contact

3. Fundraising Committee--Yep, money is the grease that turns the wheels. Contact Jo Ellen

4. Logistics--Are you a party planner? This one is for you! Contact


Want to hear about past conferences? Sure you do:


"Fantastic conference. The conversations that we're having felt urgent, important and central to real progress." TMC2017 participant

"I'm leaving [this conference] with concrete ideas to implement and plan to follow up with the people I met. Inspiring!" TMC2017 participant

Each February from 2012 to 2017, the Media Consortium held a 3-day conference for Media Consortium members, partners, allies and guests. Our focus changed each year, based on member needs and interests.


"I was impressed by the focus that the conference kept throughout on how to do our work better in our media organizations." TMC2017 participant

TMC2017: Transformative Media (DC)

"The conference was like meeting up with extended family, except there were no uncomfortable moments, only inspiring ones!" TMC2016 participant

"It was a good opportunity to network, and I appreciated the seriousness with which people were grappling with the need to address racism in their organizations." TMC2016 participant

TMC2016: Racial Equity (Philadelphia)

TMC2015: Partnership (San Francisco--with AAN)

TMC2014: Surveillance (Chicago)

TMC2013: Impact (Baltimore)

TMC2011: Peer Network (Oakland)