The Media Consortium is a peer-to-peer network organized to support and grow the impact of community and independent news. When you join the Media Consortium, you will find out that you are not alone. You are in a community of peers who look forward to working with you to transform the news sector, providing news that responds to, reflects, and provides solutions for the needs of our communities.

"Attending the Media Consortium's (un)conference this year was seriously a blessing. I didn't even realize how isolated I was feeling lately, journalism-wise, until I was reminded this week that ... there's a passionate and powerful community in our corner of the media realm."--Maya Schenwar, Editor, Truthout

Build your Network

  • Annual Conference. The most significant member benefit, this 2.5 day conference gives you the opportunity to connect with your peers in a deep way. Each year the conference is designed to respond to the needs of the membership.
    • TMC2017, Washington DC: Transformative Media--an unconference to bring together community and independent media to transform our news ecosystem
    • TMC2016, Philadelphia PA: Racial Equity--our focus was a one-day racial equity workshop with Race Forward
    • TMC2015, San Francisco CA: Joint conference with Association of Alternative Newsmedia -- an exchange focusing on for-profit and non-profit business practices.
    • TMC2014, Chicago IL: Surveillance--our focus was a one-day hands-on set of workshops led by EFF and the Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Member Database. The Member Portal on this website opens to a searchable member database, allowing a search by job title, beat, platform and geography as well as by contact name. Members use this database to facilitate peer-to-peer networking.
  • TMCinColor Community. See below
  • Peer-to-Peer Roundtables. The Media Consortium sets up monthly or quarterly videoconferencing calls for members wishing to connect on specific issues. Our current roundtables include:
    • Salesforce Implementation. This group meets monthly to discuss problems with implementing Salesforce for news outlets.
    • Engagement. This group meets quarterly to discuss better ways to engage with the communities we serve.
  • Dedicated Listserv. Through the year, members connect over our dedicated listserv, where people post questions on business and editorial issues.
  • Weekly Newsletter. TMC this Week features stories by Media Consortium members.
  • Sister Networks.
    • LION Publishers: Attend the LION IRE day for free and the LION conference for the member rate.
    • AAN: Attend the AAN Digital and AAN Conference for the member rate

Accelerate Your Impact

The Media Consortium grows the impact of member organizations through collaborations and partnerships that cross-pollinate communities with critically important stories. We thank our sponsors and donors for the resources to support our members in these ways.

  • Grants for Reporting Projects. The Media Consortium is currently running the following projects:
    • New Economy Project: Designed to train journalists to report on the New Economy.
    • Media Policy Project: Designed to train journalists to report on media policy.
    • Chicago Community Project: Designed to support Chicago-based community and independent journalists in collaboratng on stories of critical importance to Chicagoans.
    • Sanctuary Project: Reporting on Sanctuary cities, schools restaurants
  • Project Management. The Media Consortium provides complementary project management for TMC-originated multi-outlet collaborations.
  • Distribution and Marketing. The Media Consortium is growing the capacity to help you distribute and market collaborative content via these tools:
    • Content Aggregator: We are building a content aggegation tool that can be used as a pointer for editorial collaborations
    • Network Hashtags: We build your impact by creating network-wide hashtags around collaborative projects
    • Social Media Support: TMC runs Twitter and Facebook feeds designed to support your content.
  • Impact Research. The Media Consortium is a leader in research on measuring impact.

Build a Racially Equitable News System

In 2016, the Media Consortium formally adopted a strategic direction to build a racially equitable independent news sector.

  • TMCinColor Community. In 2016, the Media Consortium formed a network within our network. TMCinColor connects people of color working within community and independent news outlets. This network has its own listserv and meets once a year at the Media Consortium's annual conference.
  • TMC in Color newsletter. Every two weeks, the Media Consortium sends out a newsletter highlighting 4-5 stories by journalists of color and profiling a journalist of color.
  • TMCinColor Mentorship Program. The Media Consortium is launching a mentorship program for journalists of color in 2017.
  • Advocacy. Through our support for our partners and their advocacy work, we oppose media consolidation and support a diverse news sector.


Find Business Resources

  • Member-Only Resources. The new member portal of the TMC website contains resources for member organizations.
  • Consultant Database. Media Consortium members can search our members-only database for TMC partners--consultants vetted by other TMC members.
  • Strategic Consulting. Media Consortium staff offer members up to 10 hours per year of free consulting.
  • Discounts on Software Products. The Media Consortium negotiates discounts on software you need. Current deals include:
    • Chartbeat, the premiere program for analyzing audience engagement with your content.
    • What Counts, an enterprise-level email software.
  • Workshops from Sibling Associations. The Media Consortium has reciprocal agreements with several sibling associations that offer business-focused sessions.
    • LION Publishers: Attend the LION IRE day for free and the LION conference for the member rate.
    • AAN: Attend the AAN Digital and AAN Conference for the member rate


Support Advocacy for a Free Press.

The Media Consortium partners with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Free Press, Color of Change, and other advocates to support freedom of the press. We serve an important role ensuring that the voices of independent and community journalists and news outlets are heard and protected. We provide this support in the following ways:

  • Amici Briefs. The Media Consortium signs on to 20-30 amici briefs per year, mainly focused on FOIA, surveillance of reporters, and other issues that potentially could impact freedom of the press and directly impact journalists working in independent and community news.
  • Petitions. The Media Consortium signs on to petitions focused on press freedom.
  • Media Policy Reporting Project. Our media policy reporting project serves not only to train reporters, but to educate our sector on media policy issues and to educate media policy advocates on the needs and issues of the independent and community news sector.