About The Media Consortium

Mission Statement

The Media Consortium is a network of the country’s leading, progressive, independent media outlets.  Our mission is to amplify independent media’s voice, increase our collective clout, leverage our current audience and reach new ones.  We believe it is possible and necessary to seize the current moment and change the debate in this country.  We will accomplish this mission by fulfilling our five strategic principles.

  • Foster Collaboration and Coordination
  • Build and Diversify Media Leadership
  • Focus on Audience Development
  • Bring Money and Attention into the Sector
  • Support Innovation in Journalism and Business Models


In 2005, two-dozen leaders of independent print, radio, television, and online media came together to discuss “Independent Media and the Future of Democracy.” It was the first time in at least a decade that independent media producers and distributors came together to plan how to strengthen our effectiveness.

We continued the conversation through 2005, expanding the participants to include many more media organizations. Our goal was to figure out how this network of independent media organizations could address two challenges we all face:

  • How to increase independent journalism’s voice in broader public debates about the crucial political and social issues of our day.
  • How to navigate the current wave of profound technological change that is reshaping the media business and redefining the practice of journalism itself.

In early 2006, we coalesced to to become The Media Consortium. Each project is tied to our three strategic work areas: Building Connections, Building Infrastructure, and Amplifying Our Voice. For more information about our projects, click here.


Our members take part in all levels of the decision-making process for a variety of collaborative projects. In order to be considered for membership or partnership, all interested parties must adhere to a strict set of qualifications (some of which are listed below) and exhibit a commitment to bettering the independent media sector.

Participating members pay annual dues based on a sliding scale. These members are able to vote, participate in Media Consortium-facilitated meetings, communications and projects. Members are also encouraged to actively participate in The Media Consortium’s governance committees.

A participating member of The Media Consortium must have:

  • A journalism-driven mission
  • Staff and organizational capacity to participate in projects that benefit the organization and the Consortium
  • The commitment of senior leadership to personally participate in Media Consortium activities, projects, and meetings
  • A mission that promotes progressive ideals

For more information about joining The Media Consortium, please contact us.


Jo Ellen Green Kaiser is the executive director of The Media Consortium.

Passionate about mission-driven independent media, Jo Ellen has worked for a succession of independent magazines, including stints as Managing Editor and Associate Publisher of Tikkun, Publisher of LiP: Informed Revolt, and Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Zeek. She is driven by a belief that democratic societies thrive only when their members have access to accurate information and informed opinion.

A leading figure in Jewish media, Jo Ellen is an expert on the Jewish social justice movement. She is the co-editor of Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Response to Justice (Jewish Lights) and co-led the Righteous Indignation Project. She has written about Jewish social justice for a number of publications, including The Jewish Daily Forward, Sojourners, Tikkun and Interfaithfamily.com.

Jo Ellen received a B.A. at Yale Unviersity (1984) and a Ph.D. in English from University of California, Berkeley (1992). She taught modern poetry, women’s studies and literary theory for six years at the University of Kentucky before leaving academia for media. Jo Ellen grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, and makes her home now in San Francisco.

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Manolia Charlotin is a multimedia journalist and strategist who tells stories that feed the spirit and amplifies voices that seek liberation. Currently, Manolia is the Associate Director at The Media Consortium. She directs the #WhoCounts project which centers immigrant voices in independent media, manages editorial collaborations among member outlets, spearheads #TMCinColor and curates independent media coverage of the movement for Black lives.
Manolia is the former managing editor at Feet in 2 Worlds, hosted and co-produced Caribbean Spotlight on BK Live. She has also served as editor-in-chief and publisher for The Haitian Times, and as editor and business manager at the Boston Haitian Reporter.
As a thought leader in public policy, Manolia has been a featured speaker on news programs and college campuses, at international conference and congressional briefings, gleaning from her experiences on electoral and issue-based campaigns to provide analysis on the African diaspora, social movements, advocacy, media diversity and politics.