Recognizing the need for better, deeper reporting on violence against people of color, the Media Consortium has created a program to strengthen and amplify the reporting of our member organizations. At, a rebelmouse site we launched in May 2015 with the help of Kwan Booth at Making Contact, we are aggregating reporting on police violence and structural racism from all Media Consortium outlets. Our aim is to make this site a one-stop location for activists, policymakers, and journalists seeking the best reporting on this ongoing story. To further amplify your impact, TMC staff are spending this summer traveling to BlackLivesMatter meetups around the country. Executive Director Jo Ellen Kaiser has attended the Allied Media Conference in Detroit; TMC project director Manolia Charlotin has attended events in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and Cleveland. At these events we are connecting with citizen journalists on Black Twitter, introducing journalists and activists to the work of Media Consortium members, and seeking partnerships between the two groups. Media Consortium outlets have a long and proud history of reporting on police violence and on racial equity and justice. Yet even the most seasoned reporter can use more education in the structural causes of violence against people of color, and training on how to identify personal and cultural bias that may impact reporting. To that end, the Media Consortium has begun a series of trainings, “How to report on police violence.” The first training was held June 16 and featured Rinku Sen, Executive Director of Race Forward and a nationally known organizer, speaker, and training on racial equity and justice. Rinku provided an audience of 20 reporters an overview of the factors that can impact reporting, drawn from their important new Race Reporting Guide. We will follow up in subsequent trainings with case studies highlighting each of these factors. All of this work is currently unsupported—outside of our regular budget. If you would like to donate to support these important trainings, or know someone who would, please contact    
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