Here at the Media Consortium, we thought the next president would be a neoliberal feminist; instead, we awoke on November 9 to a race-baiting, sexist president-elect with fascist tendencies, a solidly Republican Congress and what we expect will soon be a right-leaning Supreme Court. Now more than ever the country needs a progressive press! The Media Consortium exists just for this fight—as a network we can and will work together to grow the role of a journalism rooted in progressive values. Engaging with diverse communities, we will produce fact-based accountability and solutions-oriented stories that will empower our viewers, listeners and readers to make positive change happen. Our goal is to transform the media sector entirely, centering the voices of members of the public, and decentering the voices in corporate suites. We look to a day when individuals will actively engage in news because that news arises authentically and directly from the facts of all of our lived experiences. As we enter this new era, the Media Consortium is working on a multi-prong strategy: 1. Protect freedom of the press--from physical attack, from legal attack, and from surveillance by partnering with legal and advocacy organizations doing this work; 2. Bring the voices of rural and exurban communities to national, coastal audiences by partnering with local news outlets and possibly through creating a pool of freelancers; 3. Engage, integrate and amplify the voices of communities of color from around the country by bringing on more TMC members working with such communities and partnering with a wide range of non-traditional outlets; 4. Seek to fix a broken distribution system. Each one of our outlets has taken a distinct approach to the election results. You can check out some of their responses below. Jo Ellen Green Kaiser Executive Director, The Media Consortium TMC Election Stories (Many TMC members have published multiple pieces on the elections results—since we can’t fit them all, we only chose 1 piece to profile from each outlet) AlterNet, The American Prospect, Belt Magazine, Bitch Magazine,, Chicago Reporter, Colorlines, Dissent, Democracy Now! (FSTV), FSRN, High Country News, In These Times, IPS, LA Progressive, The Laura Flanders Show (also FSTV), The Day After the Election, http://lauraflanderscom Making Contact and Greg Palast, Mother Jones, The Nation, National Catholic Reporters, New America. Media, Public News Service,, The Real News, Rewire, The Texas Obserer, Tikkun, Thom Hartmann, Toward Freedom, Truthout, Truthdig, Waging Nonviolence, Washington Monthly, Yes! Magazine,
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