Update May 22, 2017--

Dan Heyman is still being charged simply for asking Secretary Tom Price a question about AHCA as he emerged from a meeting at the West Virginia State Capitol.

Since Dan's arrest, veteran journalist John Donnelly was pinned against a wall at the FCC by security guards while trying to ask a question of FCC commissioner Ajit Pai.

A dangerous anti-democratic of journalist harrassment in building in the United States. TMC just signed on to a statement by the National Press Club advocating for press freedom.


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Here's a statement from the Committee to Protect Journalists:

New York, May 10, 2017--The arrest of a journalist in the U.S. state of West Virginia while asking a question of Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price yesterday is an affront to press freedom, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

Police arrested Dan Heyman, a broadcast journalist with Public News Service West Virginia, and charged him with "willful disruption of government processes" after he shouted questions at Price and Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump, at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston, according to media reports and police documents. The two officials were leaving a private meeting on opioid addiction when Heyman repeatedly questioned them about a draft law on health care.

"The arrest of a journalist trying to ask a question in the public interest is a clear affront to press freedom," said Alexandra Ellerbeck, senior U.S. and Americas researcher at the Committee to Protect Journalists. "West Virginia authorities should drop all charges against Dan Heyman immediately and respect journalists' right to question government officials."

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