Each year, the Chicago Community Trust hosts On the Table, an opportunity for individuals and communities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to come together to learn from and with each other in order to transform neighborhoods and lives. As part of this On the Table initiative, the Chicago Community Trust is generously supporting the Media Consortium to gather together 12-15 Chicago-based media platforms, focusing particularly on outlets engaged with self-identified communities (e.g. Latino, African-American, Chinese, LGBTQ, youth).

Over a three month period leading up to the On the Table day May 16, 2017, Media Consortium staff will work with these outlets to:

  • to foster new and substantive relationships among media outlets that serve different communities within Chicago;
  • to support development of a local media network for collaborative storytelling that provides more complete stories of Chicago’s neighborhoods;
  • and to expand the civic conversation nurtured at On the Table by helping to communicate the impact of those conversations in specific communities and neighborhoods.

Our longterm goals are to create a vibrant, ongoing set of collaborations and partnerships in Chicago that will cross-pollinate communities within Chicago with critically important stories, and that will boost Chicago stories that are not currently being told into the national independent media. The lead on this project is the Media Consortium's Associate Director Manolia Charlotin. Please address any questions to her.