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Educating the public--and news outlets themselves--about media policy has become even more important under the Trump administration. Threats to net neutrality, proposed cuts to lifeline and e-rate servies, a lessening of regulations around prison phone rates, and a willingness to allow big media mergers all have the potential to leave Americans with less access to information, families, and the open internet. Decreased regulations around privacy, and increased means of surveillance, combine to leave our personal information less protected--and threaten our first amendment rights to free speech, and even to a free press.

To educate the public, the Media Consortium continues to conduct trainings for reporters on media policy issues, thanks to a generous grant from the Media Democracy Fund. We provide these trainings at our conference and at the IRE conference each year.

At TMC2017 we educated and trained reporters on

  • the threats to press freedom from surveillance
  • the threat to net neutrality
  • and we held a half-day workshop for reporters on protecting stories and sources from surveillance.

At IRE17 we organized a panel discussion on police surveillance that was attended by over 100 reporters.