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A member-led project originating at TMC2017, the Sanctuary collaboration is designed to lift up the work people in the United States and around the world are doing to support refugees and undocumented immigrants through the creation of sanctuaries.

Currently, this project will consist of two parts:

1. Editorial Collaboration. There is a desire to see more collaborations between community and national independent media, and between rural, exurban and urban media, on sanctuary stories. The Media Consortium currently seeks funding to cover the costs of such a collaboration.

2. Distribution Partnership. Many Media Consortium members are already reporting on immigrant sanctuaries. The aim of this effort is to coordinate distirbution of these stories through an aggregated site, a common hashtag, and generous cross-posting via social media and on participating sites in order to increase the reach and impact of these stories.

For more information please contact Media Consortium Associate Director Manolia Charlotin.