2016 has been a lousy year for progressives, but it has been a good year for progressive news outlets.

Unlike corporate media, progressive news outlets have kept--and grown--audience trust. Refusing the distractions of the Trump campaign, you were first on the story of #StandingRock, on efforts to roll back reproductive rights, and on the fight for a $15 minimum wage. Progressive news outlets gave voice to the Movement for Black Lives, investigated the conditions of prisons and detention camps, and educated the public about the dangers of anti-Muslim hate and bigotry.

At a time when so many sectors of journalism have failed the American people, the progressive news sector has been a bright light.

But the Trump years will require us to work harder--and to work together. We anticipate there will be many attempts to destroy your outlets--from lawsuits to unwarranted surveillance to state-supported hacks. The Media Consortium is working now to ensure the creation of a legal defense fund and to bring you the best tools and techniques to protect your work.

The increasing monopoly of Facebook as a news distributor means that news outlets will need to find new ways to distribute and amplify content. We will need to work together, across platforms, communities and geographies, to make that happen. The Media Consortium will support you in these efforts with a new database and website that will allow you to connect directly with other outlets, as well as continued support for collaborations and other editorial partnerships.

We also see an opportunity to build even deeper engagement with a wider range of communities who will seek out news content directly. The race equity work the Media Consortium began in 2016 is part of that effort, as is our ongoing effort to build relationships with local media serving diverse communities.