Early this month, at the TMC2017 conference, the word we heard most was "collaborate." Journalists are hungry to work with each other to deliver the news their communities most need.

It's easy to connect at a conference, but how is that momentum kept? We've created a set of solutions on the new TMC website.

When you go to https://themediaconsortium.org you will find rich information about ways to network with other news outlets. In the Impact section, find the collaborative projects the Media Consortium is working on--we invite you to contact us if you'd like to participate in any of these! Also find our new Impact Driver service--we will help you manage your collaborative project.

Under Resources, find out about our monthly peer roundtables which support collaboration around business issues, and our discounted software which are based on pooling business needs of members. Contact us if you have ideas for other software products we can negotiate for you.

If you are a journalist of color, please check out our TMCinColor program. This program includes regular video calls and in person meet-ups at conferences and regional events for journalists of color. We will soon be adding a mentorship program as well. Everyone is invited to sign up for our TMCinColor newsletter which highlights the work of journalists of color working in independent and community media.

The most powerful aspect of our website is available to members-only. If you are a staffer at a TMC member outlet, you will be able to log on to the Member Dashboard of our website. On that Dashboard, you will be able to search by name, organization, job title, beat, platform or geographic location for other staffers at TMC member outlets. The aim of this search function is to make collaboration simple and easy for members of our network. In the coming month, we will be adding Slack to the Dashboard, so you will be able to get in touch with individuals as soon as you find their contact information.

We and our partners at Cividesk have worked hard to launch this website, but it's a work in progress. Please contact us to suggest changes, corrections, additions.