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Lost in the (literal) rapid-fire of Trump's attacks on targets, domestic and foreign, are a set of solutions-based stories that promise a better future. In cities, suburbs and rural towns across the United States, a New Economy is emerging that “meets human needs, enhances the quality of life and allows us to live in balance with nature."

Building on the social venture movement, the environmental movement, and the many movements for racial and economic justice, the New Economy movement envisions a just transition to a better and stronger social, cultural, and economic system.
Over the next six months, The Media Consortium will support reporters in telling those stories. Starting in June, we will work with the New Economy Coalition and the Laura Flanders Show to bring you a monthly series of webinars, organized in conjunction with policy experts and featuring grassroots community leaders, designed to highlight specific elements of the New Economy. We thank the Park Foundation for making this project possible.
We know that starting a new beat is time-consuming, so we will provide a $1000 stipend to up to 10 journalists to attend these briefings. We ask those receiving the stipend to produce the equivalent of 3 feature stories during the six month period. You may find the application for the $1000 stipend here. The deadline is May 3, 2017.
Below, please find some recent stories from TMC members on the New Economy.

Jo Ellen
p.s. To apply for the $1000 stipend for your reporter, go here.