The Media Consortium has partnered with the following organizations to bring Media Consortium members an array of legal resources.

  • Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (legal aid-U.S.)
    • Legal Defense Hotline. When an emergency comes up—if a reporter is arrested, for example—call RCFP’s legal defense hotline. Media Consortium members get priority review.
    • Pre-publication Review.  Thanks to our partnership with RCFP, the Media Consortium is excited to be able to provide pre-publication legal review for up to 10 news pieces per year. If you would like to submit a piece for pre-publication review, send it to TMC staff. We will vett pieces and send them on to RCFP. Please keep in mind that this tremendous opportunity is not designed for time-sensitive pieces.
    • Legal Defense Training. TMC will offer a workshop by RCFP in legal defense at our 2018 conference. Check our calendar for other trainings offered by RFCP through the year.
    • Amici Briefs.  The Media Consortium has been pleased to support a number of legal briefs filed each year by RCFP in support of press freedom in the United States. For a list of briefs we have filed, see below.
  • Committee to Protect Journalists (legal aid—outside the U.S.)
    • Emergency Response Team. This service supports journalists around the world who are detained and in immediate danger.
    • Security Guide. A must-read for any journalist going to a location where journalists are detained by governments or kidnapped/killed by non-governmental forces, as well as other dangerous situations.
  • Freedom of the Press Foundation (surveillance)
    • Anti-surveillance Tools. Currently, offering support for Signal, the secure messaging app, and Secure Drop, the best way to protect whistleblowers.
    • Anti-Surveillance Training. TMC has hosted anti-surveillance training at our conferences since 2012, most recently by Harlo Holmes at FoPF. We will offer it again in 2018.

Amici Briefs

The Media Consortium has signed on to the following Amici Briefs:


Case 1:14-cv-09763-VM, US District Court Southern District of New York: RCFP in support of the plaintiff in Merrill v. Holder, et al. Issue: National Security Letter gag order.

Case: In support of the plaintiff in Higginbotham v City of New York, Second Circuit. ssue: Right to photograph and record police activity taking place in public places.


Won! Case Case 16-750, US Court of Appeal Second Circuit, in support of the plaintiff in Schwartz v. DEA. Issue: Federal FOIA of footage from a portion of video taken from a government surveillance plane during a DEA drug raid in Honduras in which four civilians were killed.