In 2016, the Media Consortium formally adopted a strategic direction to build a racially equitable independent news sector. Please return to this page in a few weeks for more information and ways to connect with us.

  • TMCinColor Community. In 2016, the Media Consortium formed a network within our network. TMCinColor connects people of color working within community and independent news outlets. This network has its own listserv and meets once a year at the Media Consortium's annual conference.
  • TMC in Color newsletter. Every two weeks, the Media Consortium sends out a newsletter highlighting 4-5 stories by journalists of color and profiling a journalist of color.
  • TMCinColor Mentorship Program. The Media Consortium is launching a mentorship program for journalists of color in 2017.
  • Advocacy. Through our support for our partners and their advocacy work, we oppose media consolidation and support a diverse news sector.